Preston Divers

Club Membership

Currently membership of Preston Divers costs £150 a year. For this, you are entitled to use Fulwood Leisure Centre Pool with us nearly every Monday evening, to take part in all club activities, and to use all club equipment including our dive boat.

You will also have to join the Sub Aqua Association, which costs £63 in the first year and £50 each year thereafter. Reduced rates for students and pensioners may apply.

The SAA provides your certification, insurance against third party risks and limited accident cover, access to a range of information, and to future training.

If you are a complete beginner, please look at the ‘Learn to Dive/Training’ page for details of training costs.

Some members make the club an important part of their lives, others are only able to come along every now and then.

We make everyone welcome, and treat everyone the same.