Preston Divers

Learn to Dive

Taster Sessions at Club Night

Club night is on Monday and starts at 20:00. Please contact us prior if you would like to attend a taster session using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

A £10 fee is payable to attend a taster session which covers entrance to the pool and the oxygen cylinder used.

Learning to Dive and becoming a Club Diver

As an amateur club, we aim to keep the cost of training to a minimum, whilst providing the same levels of safety, or better, than commercial training organisations. Our Sub Aqua Association is affiliated to CMAS, an international diving organisation accepted worldwide.

Your training will begin with a swimming ability & fitness assessment in the pool, then you will be introduced to scuba diving equipment, & shown how it works.

You will be taught all the individual skills you need to dive safely. At the same time you will partake in a series of informal lectures which will teach you all you need to know at this stage about the theory of diving & dive safety.

The emphasis will be on helping you to learn at your own pace. As soon as we think you are ready, you will then be taken to dive in a safe open water site, by an experienced & qualified Open Water Diving Instructor. After that, before qualifying as a Club Diver you will gradually build up your experience & diving skills over a number of Dives with another diver who has been chosen, & well trained, to guide & advise trainee divers.